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Carpet Field Construction

Football Field Construction:

With our more than 300 references, our company stands by our valued customers with outdoor carpet field construction and indoor carpet field construction; Ikber Sports Buildings; It has undertaken hundreds of different indoor and outdoor astro pitches, basketball fields and many astroturf construction projects and delivered it in a complete and timely manner in accordance with the desired project with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction . Football Field Construction prices and Football Field Construction Stages are constantly on the agenda as the most frequently asked questions to us today. In this article; You will be able to find all the details about astroturf construction and find answers to all your questions about astroturf construction by contacting us on our contact page.

Carpet Field Construction ?

Carpet field construction is a work that takes an average of 15 to 20 days to build. There are many types of astroturf pitches with different types of astroturf pitches. In addition, the materials such as artificial turf used in the carpet field, LED lighting to be used outside, carpet field ceiling net, PVC coated wire are quite wide. In this context; We can list astroturf types as follows:

  1. Outdoor Carpet Field Construction
  2. Indoor Carpet Field Construction

Open carpet making is carpet field system that is surrounded by wire mesh, covered with a ceiling, and synthetic grass carpet is applied on the floor .

Outdoor Carpet Field Construction Concrete Border and Infrastructure

For the surrounding band, after the excavation of the existing land is done, excavation is carried out 30 cm wide and 50 cm deep around the site. A double-sided wooden formwork of 30 cm width and 50 cm height is attached to the excavated area. An iron apparatus, two lower and two upper ones, is placed into this mold. Q8 mm diameter stirrups are attached to the iron reinforcement at 30 cm intervals. With this process, the anchorage pipes are fixed to the anchors at 3 m intervals where the perimeter poles will come. The beam is formed by pouring ready-mixed concrete. After this process, thick stone chips (number 3) are poured and pressed with the help of a cylinder. Fine gravel (No. 1) is laid in order to prevent corrugation in the field. A flat and smooth floor is obtained.

Outdoor Carpet Field Iron and Pipe Works

After the infrastructure process is completed, the pipes anchored to the concrete line are mounted vertically by welding. Pipes are mounted horizontally at the top, middle and bottom of the posts. It is welded diagonally to the back of the goal and corners. Carpet field lighting poles are sewn equally and proportionally according to the size of the carpet field . All iron made for steel construction are painted with industrial paints according to the employer’s preference.

Outdoor Carpet Field Wire Fence and Net Works

The perimeter of the field will be covered with dipped galvanized (PVC coated) cage with a wall thickness of 3.5 mm in 50 × 50 mesh size and spiral wire. After this process is done, it is stretched with steel rope. These tensioned steel ropes are fixed with terminals. The back and sides of the field are covered with carpet field net prepared with 100% polyamide yarn . Field ceiling nets are covered with a very high strength net made of polyamide yarn in the range of 150 x 150 mesh. The castles are covered with a net made of polyamide yarn with a mesh size of 120 x 120 mm.

What is polyamide?
It is the first synthetic fiber produced in the world. It is a type of fiber with very strong mechanical strength.

Outdoor Carpet Field Felt and Artificial Grass Spreading

After the completion of the carpet field infrastructure process, the geotextile felt (with shag) is wetted and laid on the area. A specially prepared synthetic grass carpet is laid on the felt . The seams of the artificial turf carpet laid are joined by using a special adhesive with the help of the helmet cloth. (The adhesive used with the helmet cloth is polyurethane-based and double-component.) After this process, the field lines are placed in accordance with the measurements. Then sand (washed, sifted, baked) is poured and then granules are poured and brushed. After this stage is completed, the open carpet field is ready for use.

Outdoor Astro Pitch cost

It is not possible to determine a clear price for the open carpet field cost . The quality of the artificial turf to be used in the carpet field, that is, the artificial turf prices , is one of the important factors affecting the cost of carpet. The factors affecting the cost of open carpet pitch are listed below. First of all, the field should be specified as open carpet pitch or closed carpet field. During the construction phase, different processes are applied in open and closed areas, and they differ in cost.

Factors affecting the astro pitch cost,

Steel construction features
Carpet field infrastructure cost
Products to be selected for lighting
Electrical systems
Synthetic (artificial) grass carpet selection
Canvas, fibroser, panel, sheet-coated Upon
request (locker rooms, shower areas, cafeteria)



Outdoor Carpet Field Construction